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Organisations and industries around the world are needing to adapt to unprecedented levels of change, challenge and disruption.

Regardless of your organisation’s unique context and challenges, one universal truth remains: the lynchpin to successful execution of your strategy is your people.

Whether it’s responding to increased competition, executing a challenging transformation, or commencing a new strategic direction, your organisation needs leaders and teams who are aligned around a common purpose, accountable for results and committed to collaborating and delivering your organisation’s most critical work.

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Our experienced team will work with you to intimately understand your goals, identify barriers and blockages standing in the way and create bespoke leadership and people solutions that enable you and your organisation to align, execute and adapt faster.


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The decision to work with Alex and the Adapt team to lift our leadership bench strength was the single most important decision I’ve made in the last year. As a result of the leadership development experiences delivered we’ve seen a massive lift in focus and employee engagement which is now flowing through into improved financial results.

HR Director of Leading, Building & Construction Brand

Alex is a wonderful facilitator and imparted information in an engaging way. His tips along the way were very helpful too. Alex maximised participation and contribution, encouraged involvement in all exercises and introduced new facilitation ideas that made the course feel fresh and exciting. I got a lot out of the day.

Participant feedback from Pharmaceuticals Company

This was hands down the best development experience I’ve ever had. I learnt more about myself and what strategies I can use to drive better outcomes for myself and my team in these 2 days than in the last 2 years.

Senior Leader Feedback from Leading Media Brand

I felt Alex was extremely engaging and adapted quickly and effectively to a challenging audience. I thought he was excellent.

Senior Leader Feedback from Leading Media Brand

Found the balance between group participation / exercises, and Alex walking us through the subject matter as just right.

Senior Leader Feedback from Leading Media Brand

Alex was extremely friendly and knowledgeable, really smart and guiding in all conversations. Really enjoyable.

Feedback from Resource Sector Client

Some of the best facilitators I’ve worked with in my career. They really understood about learning and the pace was perfect. Well delivered course.

Feedback from Resource Sector Client