C-suite executives and boards
Functional leaders and general managers
Frontline and early team leaders
Individual contributors, subject matter experts and thought leaders

Our leadership offerings and experiences

  • Custom leadership immersions
  • Purpose-led wilderness retreats
  • High potential talent accelerator programs
  • Bite-sized learning modules
  • In-tact team development interventions
  • Creativity and innovation immersions
  • Leadership assessment centres
  • Leadership off-sites, conferences and events
  • Leadership transition accelerators
  • Leadership Train The Trainer (TTT) programs

How we create transformational leadership development experiences

We combine contemporary learning science with cutting-edge insights from the worlds of psychology, neuroscience and behavioural economics to create innovative and scientifically proven experiences that shift mind-sets and lift your organisation’s leadership capability.

Going beyond world-class facilitation, we leverage a wide array of tools, mediums and platforms to create experiences that are sticky, impactful and effective:

  • Psychometric analysis and 360 diagnostic tools
  • Individual and group peak performance coaching
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality immersion experiences
  • Leadership shadowing and micro-secondments
  • On-the-job embedding activities
  • Immersive war gaming simulations
  • Syndicate business application projects
  • Peer coaching and reverse mentoring
  • Social networks and support communities
  • Online learning platforms including webinars, MOOCS and more